Scoping Mission for Import and Export to Savannaket, Day 3, Visit to Factory of Mekong Timber (under construction) in Khamouane


March 31, 2022

  • Factory has installed a plank cutter, veneer machine and woodchipper to prepare for sale of related products, plywood is not one of the targets of product due to the more advanced procedures for producing the face veneer, focus is on core veneer
  • 70% 4ft and 30% 8ft veneer will be produced, as 8ft is requested in VN
  • Company is already selling product to the Vietnamese market and has sales representative in VN – focus of sales will be the regional market, mainly VN for now
  • MT is fully FSC-FM certified, FSC-CoC to be audited soon
  • Finalization timeline of factory could not be clarified (‘by yesterday’) but product testing has already started