A key requirement from the EU is that the VPA negotiations should entail a participatory stakeholder process involving government agencies, civil society groups, the timber industry and local communities.

Stakeholder participation helps to ensure that agreements are realistic and operational, it also serves the purpose of a common understanding of the decision-making process thereby generating broad support in the VPA country. VPA Agreements that are made-to-last, are broadly accepted, and that have broad consensus bring credibility, nationally and internationally.

Lead Agencies

Department of Forest Inspection

The Department of Forest Inspection (DOFI) is an agency under the supervision of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (MAF). DOFI acts as an advisory body to the Ministry on work related to forestry inspection, forest land, and aquatic and wildlife issues. It also has a mandate to investigate any violations of laws regulating forestry, aquatic and wildlife issues, and of other regulations on forest resources to ensure enforcement throughout the country. DOFI is the lead agency for the Lao FLEGT process.

Department of Import-Export

The Department of Import and Export (DIMEX) is an agency of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce. DIMEX acts as an advisory body to the Minister of Industry and Commerce regarding strategic research and policy development to improve import and export, border trade, trade facilitation and product origin management.

Department of Forest Resources Management

The Department of Forest Resources Management (DFRM) is a government body under the supervision of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, with an advisory role on sustainable forest resources management and preservation of protection forests and conservation forest areas.

Other Government Agencies

Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (MAF)

  • Department of Forestry (DOF)
  • Department of Planning and Cooperation (DPC)
  • Provincial Agriculture and Forestry Office (PAFO)
  • Provincial Office for Forest Inspection (POFI)

Ministry of Industry and Commerce (MOIC)

  • Department of Industry and Handicraft (DIH)
  • Provincial Office for Industry and Commerce (POIC)

Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MONRE)

  • Provincial Office for Natural Resources and Environment (DONRE)

Ministry of Planning and Investment (MPI)

  • Department of International Planning and Cooperation (DIPC)

Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare (MLSW)

  • Department of Labour Management (DLM)
  • Provincial Office for Labour and Social Welfare (POLSW)

Ministry of Finance

  • Tax Department
  • Customs Department

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

  • Department of International Treaties and Law (DITL)

Ministry of Justice

  • Department of Law

National Assembly

  • Economic Department

Prime Minister Office

  • Department of Law
    Lao National Committee for Special Economic Zone
    Government Office

Civil Society Organizations

  • Green Community Alliance
  • Lao Biodiversity Association
  • Maeying Houamjai Phattana
  • Community Environment Development Association
  • Association for Rural Mobilization and Improvement.

Private Sector

  • Lao Federation of Trade Union
  • Lao Wood Processing Industry Association
  • Lao Furniture Association
  • Lao National Chamber of Commerce and Industry


  • Faculty of Forestry, National University of Laos (in Laos)