Planning workshop on organizational development for FLEGT VPA process and implementation

Jun 27, 2022 | News

It is well-known that the FLEGT VPA development and implementation is a participatory process for which well-coordinated participation and active contributions from the concerned stakeholders are essential. To ensure a functioning multi-stakeholder process, GIZ-ProFEB has provided technical advice to develop the required organizational capacities for the Department of Forest Inspection (DOFI) and its subordinate Provincial Offices of Forest Inspection (POFI) in the FLEGT VPA pilot provinces, Attapeu and Khammuane.

After an initial needs assessment, a 2-day consultation workshop was held in Nakai District on 20-21 June 2022 to synchronize the updated mandates of DOFI and POFI, while planning further capacity development activities. The workshop was chaired by Mr. Khamfeua Sirivongs, the Deputy Director General of DOFI and attended by 23 participants from POFI of Attapeu and Khammuane and the concerned DOFI’s divisions.

As a result, this workshop deepened the participants’ understanding of the FLEGT-VPA process in conjunction with the updated mandates of DOFI and POFI. Consequently, capacity gaps and the respective training needs have been identified for further actions. The following actions were agreed as next steps:

1. Incorporate 2 FLEGT-related tasks into the revised POFI mandate: 1) coordination, facilitation, and participation in the FLEGT-VPA piloting and 2) implementation of TLAS, including timber legality and supply chain control verification.
2. Identify training topics related to TLAS development and implementation.
3. Initiate capacity development related to FLEGT VPA information management.
4. Develop Standard Operation Procedures (SOP) for POFI once the revised POFI mandate is approved.