The 4th Technical Exchange paves the road for piloting the operationality of the Verification Procedure of the Supply Chain and Due Diligence for Imports

Jun 20, 2022 | News

Following recommendations from the recent NSDC meeting the 4th Technical Exchange Meeting between Lao PDR and EFI was held at the FSO Office, Vientiane, Laos on 6th June 2022 with the participation from 12 delegates, one of whom represented EFI/EU.

The main objectives of the meeting were to discuss the verification procedures as outlined in Appendix A and B of the TLAS Annex and the concept note on due diligence for imported timber. Additionally, the new EU legislative proposal on deforestation in relation and its potential impact on due diligence requirements was shared.

From the bilateral exchanges in the mentioned technical areas, following agreements were reached:

1.Further develop legality compliance verification and supply chain control as well as the system to address non-compliance.
2.Refine the draft Appendices A and B on complementary function of regulatory inspection and verification procedures, data sharing mechanisms and Information Management System after piloting them in the pilot province, Khammouane.
3.Implement the DIMEX plan regarding the development of due diligence procedures and revision of Decision 0451/ MOIC.DIMEX.
4.Continue to revise the draft concept note on due diligence based on stakeholder consultations and lessons learned from the piloting that will be conducted by DIMEX with selected operators.

Request for further information from the EU on the development of the EU legislative proposal and its implication on the requirement for due diligence.