DOFI and POFI build capacity on the TLAS Annex and prepare for training of key stakeholders

Sep 25, 2023 | Activities, Workshop

In the time frame of 2020-2022 Lao stakeholders engaged in several consultations and piloting measures to develop a comprehensive draft of the TLAS Annex as part of the VPA with the EU. Version 6 of the Annex comprises a comprehensive collection of agreements on technical level (TWG) (see here) and partly agreed by the negotiation support and development committee (NSDC). Whereas some elements of the TLAS Annex are described specifically for the VPA, many elements and chapters describe the implementation of timber legality assurance system at national and provincial level based on the existing legal framework.

In a stepwise approach, DOFI and POFI undertake ToT workshops to increase their capacity for understanding the TLAS Annex and the mandates for systematic legality compliance verification and supply chain control. This enables DOFI and POFI to train implementing organizations and effectively coordinate activities and funds for the implementation of TLAS. The first workshop of the series took place from 12th to 14th September 2023 in Pakse Capital, Champasak Province in which advisors from the GIZ-ProFEB project facilitated training of 16 participants from three relevant divisions of DOFI and provincial stakeholders from POFI of Khammouane and Attapeu Provinces. The participants learned about the policy background and development history of TLAS before they familiarized themselves with nine chapters of the TLAS Annex. Participants gathered valuable lessons for their work on TLAS outreach to other stakeholders and prioritization of implementation activities. DOFI and POFI will receive further training on ToT and practice their outreach to other Lao TLAS stakeholders.