Latest Past Events

Technical Workshop on Legal Framework for Tree Plantations

Don Chan Palace, Vientiane Capital

Objectives are to: -          Discuss with key stakeholders the current and near-future policies and legal requirements for commercial timber plantations of all types and scales. -          Identify key laws and regulations for plantations and those that need to be amended or newly drafted. -          Agree on the fundamental principles on establishment, registration, management and monitoring […]

TEG Meeting TLD5 “Confiscated Timber”

Objectives: ·         To further discuss and clarify the role and responsibility of relevant sectors on timber confiscation ·         To further develop the draft TLD5, v2.0 to draft v2.1 based on comments from EU (Feedback in March 2018). ·         To discuss the next step of the preparation TLD5, and submit to EU in mid-October 2018 for […]

Core Expert Meeting for TLD2 on Conversion Areas Development

Objectives: -       To further develop the draft TLD2, v4.1 to draft v4.2 based on comments from EU (during Retreat in August 2018) and clarifications made by MPI on procedures for investment projects. -       To refine text of indicators of TLD2. -       To prepare updated draft TLD2, and submit to EU in of the second half […]