Prepared training package for effective TLAS/FLEGT  implementation

Aug 22, 2022 | News

In recent years, Lao PDR has spent a lot of efforts to prepare for the effective implementation of the Lao TLAS and related VPA with European Union, while aiming to combat illegal logging and timber trading and to trade the Lao legal timber and timber products in the EU markets for higher profit.


To fulfil the aims, ProFEB has joined hands with FAO and VALTIP3 Project to take a proactive action in supporting a mini-project called “Woodworks” for the development and piloting of the TLAS related training package. With the project, related training curriculum and materials will be developed, and piloted; numerous mater trainers be produced; and a “Champion Operational Network” be set up as mechanism for piloting and duplicating the training package.


To launch the project, a Kick-Off meeting was officially held in the morning on 9th August 2022 at Crowne Plaza Hotel, Vientiane Capital; chaired by Mr. Khamfeua Sirivongs, Deputy Director General of Department of Forest Inspection (DOFI) and attended by 19 participants (4 females), representing the concerned ministerial departments, educational institutes, projects, and wood processing operators. The core objectives of the meeting are to:


  1. Create understanding and agreement on the framework, including implementing procedures/steps and workplan of the project.
  2. Discuss and agree on the creation of the Project Advisory Committee (PAC) and the establishment of a Champion Operational Network (CONet) for piloting and scaling out of the training package.


At the end, the meeting has successfully achieved the meeting objectives and agreed on the actions to be undertaken in the next steps.