Technical exchange on timber legality assurance system in Indonesia

Nov 10, 2023 | News, Workshop

From 23rd to 27th October 2023, with the support from GIZ and German Development Bank (KfW), and facilitated by European Forest Institute (EFI), the Delegation of Lao PDR with representatives from Department of Forest Inspection together with representatives from other line sectors at central and local levels including wood processing business and civil society organization conducted a study tour to Indonesia on technical exchange on the policy development and implementation of Indonesia timber legality assurance system (ITLAS).

The objectives of this study tour were to exchange the practical lessons learned with State organizations, the private sector, civil society organizations and verification bodies on the implementation of ITLAS and undertake those lessons learned to be adapted into the context of Lao timber legality assurance system (Lao TLAS). The achievements of the implementation of ITLAS include the following:  The Government and high-level decision-makers have been strongly supporting and closely supervising the implementation of ITLAS, and the private sector has a high responsibility to ensure the legal timber before sales in domestic markets or export to overseas, verification bodies are private companies as third party bodies which give advice and inspect the implementation of ITLAS with correctness and fairness. Civil society organizations are involved in independent monitoring of the implementation of ITLAS to ensure transparency and fairness.

Based on the above achievements, the Lao Delegation will consider and adapt to the context of Lao TLAS development and implementation in the future.